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Expert Legal Nurse Consulting

Reviewing Legal Agreement

Medical Malpractice Cases

Legal Nurse Consultants LLC

Win more cases with dedicated, expert medical review from an experienced Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Why Choose TL Cashman

TL Cashman Legal Nurse Consultants are Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CLNC).  We have post-graduate degrees, and have multiple experiences within hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies. With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. We provide the highest quality of services available. Providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When Your Legal Case Needs Our Help

Many legal cases involving illness or injury leave money on the table because something was overlooked.  My clients receive the nuanced medical expertise that most attorneys and paralegals lack. We are  Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CLNC) specializing in bridging those gaps, ensuring precise and confident case handling, and higher settlements.

We Boost Your Legal Team

Legal professionals may be vulnerable and underprepared in medical-legal cases without our specialized medical insights. Misunderstandings of medical terms and procedures can lead to potential losses in court.

Stategies to Uncover Hidden Evidence

Our clients at TL Cashman Legal Nurse Consultants empower their legal practice to have more robust case strategies, higher settlements, and client satisfaction with decisive, expert medical knowledge that allows them to uncover otherwise hidden or glossed-over evidence.

Our Commitment

We are not only an expert in clinical practices; we excel in interpreting and translating 
medical information for legal use. With a commitment to excellence and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we've supported numerous attorneys by enhancing their case outcomes with rigorous, detail-oriented medical analysis. Let our expertise contribute to your legal victories.

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The Process


Consultation and Case Review

We will start with a comprehensive review to determine the case's merits and the best course of action.


Expert Analysis & Reporting

Receive detailed reports and expert insights that clarify complex medical terms and procedures, enhancing your legal strategy and case preparation.


Ongoing Support & Guidance

Leverage our continuous support throughout your legal proceedings, ensuring you have the medical expertise needed to get the best results for your clients!

About Us

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Our Vision

At T L Cashman Legal Nurse Consultants LLC, our vision is to be the industry's leading legal nurse consulting firm. Only with a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant® we can aim to achieve by constantly innovating and providing exceptional services that exceed our clients' expectations.

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Our Mission Statement

T L Cashman Legal Nurse Consultants LLC will provide quality services that ensure a margin of superiority over the opposing counsel. Our work product will be accurate and current using the latest authoritative literature. Our ability to recognize deviations in the standards of care or operating outside one’s scope of practice in healthcare gives our clients the empowerment to make informed decisions about their cases. We are connected with hundreds of other Legal Nurse Consultants and Physicians in various areas of expertise as consultants or experts, which is invaluable to our clients. Our services are dependable, timely, and accurate, with guaranteed satisfaction or your money back.

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Our Core Values

T L Cashman Legal Nurse Consultants LLC is dedicated to using our time, resources, and expertise to provide an individualized product to meet our attorney-client's needs. We will Always maintain integrity, trust, and accountability with our attorney-clients.

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